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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Who would not want their blogs indexed by search engines, of course every website or blog owner wanted it, right?

In the Internet world, search engines are important composition, therefore if we have a website or blog then it would be nice if we register our blog into the search engines.

Among the many search engines, there are several search engines that are considered most master and has many enthusiasts. One of them is the google search engine, google like a king for other search engines. At this post, according to the title, I will explain about ways to register a website or blog to the three search engines, ie: google, yahoo, and MSN.


---> Go to site

      -- Fill Column URL with the name of your website or blog
      -- Fill the column comments with your keywords
      -- Type the squiggly letters shown here into the box
      -- Submit URL


---> Go to site

     -- Choose "Submit a Website or Webpage"
     -- Fill the box with your web/blog name
     -- Submit URL


---> Go to site

     -- Fill the letter of Characters into the box
     -- Then fill the under box with your web/blog URL
     -- Click Submit URL  

Just added, the site below, can be used to optimize your website / blog

There are :


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