How to Make a Paypal Account

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 is a site providing an online account, you can transact in a virtual world using this paypal account. You can transfer funds, online shopping, or any transactions using this paypal account.

To be able to use this feature, you must first list on the site

I will explain the steps for registration via the image below
  • STEP 1, click "SIGN UP" :

  • STEP 2, choose your location & choose personal "pribadi" for the beginner :

  • STEP 3, fill the form :

  •  STEP 4, click in the "red" mark :
  • STEP 5, click the red to confirmation :

  • STEP 6, if you had reached this stage you have to open/check your email and then click the confirmation link that you received from paypal

  • STEP 7, click the red one :

  • STEP 8, put the code confirmation that received you in your mail into the box, then click the red :
  • STEP 9, click the red button :


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